Natural Libido Boost

6 Natural ways to increase female desire

Looking for simple things you can change in your lifestyle to help boost the libido? There are natural solutions and simple adjustments that can make a big difference in helping bring romance and desire back into your life.

These are lifestyle suggestions. Please consider these six things and see if you may be able to adjust some daily habits to serve your physical and emotional health better. This will lead to a better sex life and healthier body overall.

1)   Have more sex

Maybe this is easier said then done, but more sex actually leads to increased libido. The more you have it the more you’ll want it.

2)   Loose Weight

When you feel better about yourself this will increase your self-image and self-confidence. If you are going to exercise, consider some type of aerobics like jogging or biking. This will do three good things for you. The results will include more blood flow to the sex organs, more endorphins, and increased testosterone levels after the workout. This will make you feel better, sexier, and overall actually feel happier.

3)   Adjust the use of Birth Control Pills

Sometimes sex after starting birth control pills is not as good. This is a common issue because your hormone levels change when taking them. It may be a good idea to switch birth control pills or switch methods like using a condom.

4)   Have your partner and you work as a team

This can be around the house or in a new adventure. It can be simply playing a game together with friends or going biking, hiking or camping. But these types of experiences bring the two of you emotionally closer together which is always a good thing in a relationship. When the emotional connection is progressing, so can sex.

Yoga's relaxing benefits can naturally boost libido5)   Bubble Baths, Yoga, Meditation and Massage

These are all clumped together for a reason.  Not wanting any sex is a very common stress symptom in women. Doing things to take the stress away from your body and mind are very important to improve your overall health. These things are often overlooked in our fast paced society because it is not deemed necessary. But your health is the most important factor of them all.  Please take a bit of time for you because you and your body really does deserve it!

6)   Sexy Clothes

Clothes that make you feel good about yourself are important. Self-image is important. The better that you feel about yourself, the easier it will be for you to relax and enjoy yourself and your partner. Invest in yourself and the results are virtually guaranteed!

Please provide a comment below or contact me if you have any suggestions or feedback on my six natural ways to increase your female desire. Thanks for reading!