Causes of Desire Loss

What causes a loss in a women’s sex drive?

There are four main categories of occurrences in the body that will be accountable for a loss in a women’s desire for sex. These occur to everyone from time to time. Typically one or more of these causes will trigger lowered libido and if these causes are recognized then we can try to come to terms with way to remove these things from our lives to not be dragged down anymore.

But what about boosting the sex drive?

I will be sharing with you the types of ingredients and lifestyle changes that will boost your libido here, but please remember that the way to really get things rolling again is to take away the things that are dragging a women’s sex drive along with introducing the good things your body needs to feel desire.

Ok, on with the list of things that are bad.

The top causes of decreased sexual libido include….

1)   Hormonal Imbalance

We’re going to jump right to the most common problem in the libido area which is a sudden drop in the hormone progesterone. This can often drop shortly after giving birth to a child or shortly before menopause. It’s a good idea to have your progesterone levels checked to make sure they’re at the proper level.

2)   Fatigue

So let me ask you this…. Do you feel tired all the time? If you do, this can make having sex to not be the most exciting activity amongst many other activities but it requires energy you simply do not have. But if you used to have energy and you don’t now, it simply means that some conditions have chances in your life that need to be corrected. Most of these elements are included in other action items such as stress, hormonal imbalances, etc. But the most common element is poor diet. Try to eat healthy all natural foods. In most cases the less number of ingredients in a food, the better is it for you because it isn’t loaded up with preservatives and chemicals.

3)   Stress

This one is a biggie. It is hard living in today’s world with so many things fighting for your attention. It’s best to try and find ways to calm yourself and your body. Some people enjoy meditation. Yoga is quite popular for it’s health and stress relieving benefits as well as exercises and massages. Try to find a little bit of quiet time just for yourself everyday. Even if it’s two minutes of uninterrupted quiet, it will add up to all kinds of benefits that will keep your libido health as well as other areas in top condition.

4)   Depression

The causes of depression can easily also be related to some of the above items.  Of course there are prescriptions designed specifically to address depression and those should only be used if your doctor diagnoses some sort of chemical imbalance. The reason for this advice is because a chemical imbalance may be hard for you to control under natural means. Things like stress and an unhealthy diet can also lead to types of depression but they are treatable by you! You can make the difference in these lifestyle choices. It’s important to take little steps every day to a healthier lifestyle and don’t give up. You can improve your life and you have the strength to do it!

 I hope this helps clear up the causes on why a female’s libido may need enhanced. Please check out my overview of treatments as well which is coming soon!

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