Treatments Options


Treatments for enhancing your sexual health and desire.


Here is an overview of what popular female desire treatments should do. There are five main categories to focus on for any type of orgasm dysfunction or treat any loss of desire that may be happening. Many sites try to over complicate the issue. But I will try to break these down easily and point out the good and the bad that can occur if we’re introducing these elements into your body.

Enhance Female DesireFor example, the HerSolution gel is a water-based lubricant. This is important because the petroleum based lubricants actually change your bodies natural chemistry including the way it fights off infections. Changing this chemistry is dangerous and could make you not feel well. Please read on!

I will also talk about lifestyle changes as well that will help your chances of increasing your libido. When using many of these things in combination of each other, you really can’t loose. Your body will be ready to have fun again!

Here are what the treatment you may consider taking should typically do.


1)   Increase blood flow to the genitalia. This is something you can’t see but will definitely make a big difference in how you feel and works on every woman.

2)   Increasing vaginal lubrication. This will increase vaginal lubrication and help relax the vagina muscles. This will work better on woman that have vaginal dryness issues and may not be as helpful for women that simply have a loss of desires.

3)   Hormone supplements

Testosterone supplements are used for those with a history of a hysterectomy or ovary removal. These can help you sexual function. The misuse of this can cause bad side effect like facial hair and deeper voice. So it’s important to find and use the right ones!

Estrogen supplements are known to maintain vaginal lubrication, interest, and sensation. They can also help keep your vaginal health.

4)   Natural female libido enhancement pills

The chosen ones should be all natural and safe. Make sure they claim no side effects and should be effective by taking one pill a day.

5)   Natural increase in libido creams

These are sometimes alternatives to pills (Although I recommend using everything in combination, which maximizes the effect, but every woman is different)

Good lubricants will stimulate blood flow, decrease vaginal dryness and increase sexual response. These are water & petroleum based lubricants for sale. Petroleum products interfere with the pH of the vaginal environment, which can allow harmful bacteria or fungus to thrive. This can cause infection and inflammation. So the safest creams or gels are water based.

I hope this overview of treatments for female sexual enhancement has been helpful for you. Please read on and do provide feedback on anything that has worked or not worked for you. I would love to hear about it. Thank you!