Aphrodisiac Foods

We reveal the top 5 aphrodisiac foods that we have found and why they work.

Are you eating the right things? If you checked out our page on The best vitamins to awaken a female’s sex drive, you know that there are many simple things that will help you get on track just by starting the right eating habits. These foods can taste pretty good. But did you know there are 5 basic aphrodisiac foods that taste great to most people and will really help in setting you in the mood? We’ve done our research and reveal them here. I hope these will help you out.

And the winning Aphrodisiac foods are…

1) Chocolate

There’s good scientific reason why women love chocolate. Pure chocolate causes a natural good feeling and triggers the release of dopamine into your body. Dopamine makes you feel pretty good. So chocolate really is and can be a girls best friend.

2) Oysters

Oysters will help raise your zinc level. This will cause testosterone production to go up which will raise  your libido. Also Oysters are a good source of protein.

3) Honey

Honey is a great aphrodisiacHoney, honey, is good stuff too. It has something in it called boron. It will help increase your testosterone levels which will raise your libido. It also tastes great, but few people know that is is considered the nectar of Aphrodite, the Greek God of beauty and sexual love.

4) Basil

I personally love basil. I grow some out back and watch it get big. It’s a nice pretty looking plant. (keep it out of frost though, the slightest frost will kill the whole plant!) The smell alone is known to case an aphrodisiac type of feeling and is known to stimulate sexual desire and even increase the heart rate!

5) Champagne

Wine is nice, but champagne has the bubbles that help the effects like wine go into your blood quicker.

6) Avocado

Avocado is a great aphrodisiac foodEating avocado has been getting more popular lately. It tastes great in fresh guacamole and it shown to be good for the brain. But it’s sexual enhancing properties as an aphrodisiac have been well known for quite some time. The word ‘avocado’ literally means ‘testicle tree’ in the Aztec language.

Did I miss any? I am still searching for the best aphrodisiac foods in existence in the world and I need your help. If you know of a food that really does it for you, please contact me.  I hope you liked this article on my favorite aphrodisiac foods!