Testosterone not just for men

Testosterone not just for men

Exciting new research published in the Journal of American Medical Association has just now broken ground on the root cause of why some 43% of women suffer from feelings of sexual inadequacy at one point or another in their lives.

Taking a specific look at millions and millions of women who have gone through imagesmenopause (or are just about to enter that stage in their life), the study has found that an almost overwhelming majority of women feel as though their sex drive has completely left them – for no discernible reason whatsoever.

Combine this with a real lack of desire, an inability to really enjoy the sex act when they do find themselves aroused, and even some instances of intense pain or irritation during sex have all had doctors puzzled about the root causes behind these issues for years.

However, Dr. Andrew Peterson and a team of professional experts have discovered a major breakthrough that just might give women the relief they’ve been looking for – and it comes from a rather surprising source.

Testosterone isn’t just for men anymore

Once widely regarded as a strictly “male hormone” – even though we’ve long understood that women also have (much lower) levels of testosterone throughout their lives, the reality is that medicine and science have proven that when boosting the female libido testosterone is just as effective as it is in men.

Sure, there are some underlying medical issues that could be directly contribute to a low libido (for instance, something you can point your finger at) – but testosterone creams have proven to be amazingly effective when it comes to boosting the female libido just as they do in men.

Too much of their or even too little) estrogen and progesterone can lead to serious issues in vaginal health (including a thinning of the vaginal walls and a real dryness in your vagina – leading to that pain and irritation we spoke about above), and the best way to treat those issues is to supplement with a very specific testosterone booster.

Choosing the right testosterone supplement to boost your sex drive – and so much more

Now that you better understand just how testosterone is going to help improve your sex life (and other areas of your lifestyle), it’s critical that you make sure your choosing the right types of testosterone supplementation moving forward.

Too much testosterone can tip you towards the scales of female bodybuilder – without the muscle tone, but definitely with the aggression – and that’s not exactly a pretty sight for anyone. However, working closely with the right team of medical professionals you should be able to find a prescription testosterone cream that you can apply topically and enjoy the real results almost overnight.

Of course, you’ll also want to go through regular checkups and testing to make sure that your testosterone levels are never reaching dangerous – or even potentially life altering – regions, but by and by you should have no trouble whatsoever improving your life dramatically by using this kind of supplementation.

Women have reported that they have eliminated many of their mood swings, shed excess weight, and beat feelings of fatigue and lethargy by tapping into testosterone supplements as well – just giving you a handful of other reasons (on top of boosting your sex drive) for moving forward with this kind of medical intervention.

If you’re serious about completely transforming your life with the help of proper testosterone supplementation, contact a trusted medical professional and see exactly which necessary steps you’ll need to take moving forward. This is a relatively major lifestyle decision, but one that has very few side effects or negative drawbacks and a tremendous upside on giving you the kind of life you expected to lead in the first place!

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