What makes a girl dateable

I’ve heard this question recently, and I think sex drive has something to do with it. But it’s a bit more then that. You have to be really into what he’s into. That helps. And you have to support him for what he enjoys doing.

There is a saying that people like those who support there dreams and help them in trouble. You can be that person for a guy if your devoted to him. Some guys just like to have some sort of space. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be there for him. Give him some space and some boundaries. But don’t ever make him think that you’re trying to keep him from being the man that he wants to be. Rather, be there for him to help him do what he wants to do without obstacles in the way. If you can help him push some of those out of the way, go for it! He will definitely appreciate you.

Let’s look at something where he asks you for something you don’t want to give. Maybe he wants you to tell another girl how great he is so he can date her. That would be hard to do if you want to be with him. So I wouldn’t go about doing that one.

Maybe he wants you to help him do something you don’t agree with. It could be, say racing cars illegally. Without telling him directly, maybe you can become knowledgeable in the legal tracks available and the fun that there is to do that. Within reason, he might be able to become the man you want him to be. But it has to be subtle. And hopefully, you’ll be able to take him to a place he wants to go with you in his future. This can include planning a great evening with him as well! It could be the night of your lives!

I hope this has helped a bit. If you have any ideas about this stuff, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Thanks!

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