5 ways to a better evening

The experts have been consulted and I am pleased to tell you that sex can happen and will improve if you happen to include this small and simple advice of 5 top ways for better sex.

Sometimes libido isn’t all there because the sex isn’t all there. Well we can help you take care of that by offering the best installment of quality tips for improve sex for real women. Because we know that sex drive isn’t a one-stop shop. Although this site does offer pretty powerful supplements to get you in the mood, there are many ingredients that need to be in the right place to get sex fun, enjoyable, and ready to rock and roll! So without further ado, I give you the top 5!

I won’t just give you the top 5 ways to have a great sex night; I’ll do it in the right order. You need to prepare like rocky for the big night!

1) Eat healthy and live healthy.

This may seem like it should be common sense, and it should be. But this is easier said then done. Soft drink sizes keep getting bigger in fast food restaurants. And if you remember from my page on vitamins for female libido, I mention that caffeine is a libido killer. Also, the food portions in the big chain restaurants are out of control. Ladies, consider splitting your meal with your date. It’s not being cheap, it’s being healthy! Those portions are way too big for you anyways.

Of course diet and plenty of rest is important to keep in the mix as well. Not forgetting that this is your body and worth taking care of is important. I want you to live a long and happy life, hopefully with your soul mate. So you two can enjoy many years of love and laughter for years ahead.


Did you know that the best day for orgasm comes at certain days of the month?

2) Pick the right night and time to go out before you make love.

Did you know that the best day for orgasm comes at certain days of the month?

You know how girls will pick the time of the month to try to have a baby? The same is actually true for trying to get the best sex.

Women usually have the best orgasms between day 6 and 10 of there cycle. (1st day of your period is day 1) That’s funny because they say the best day to get pregnant is the 14th day. You’d think they would go together!

The time of day is not important. Your hormones will be pretty steady throughout the entire day. But you’ll want to be in the best mood as possible. Some girls are interested in sex in the morning (like every guy I know is) some girls enjoy sex much more in the evening after a fun night out. This will probably work best for you, but only you know what time of days usually give you your most enjoyable sex. The more you like it, the more your partner will like it, so everyone should be plenty happy.

3) Get the heart pumping in a non-sexual way ahead of your love making time for the evening.

This does not mean Luther Vandross, candles and heart peddles.

Have you seen those bachelorette shows? How they always elect to go into those ‘fantasy suites’ at the end of the date and they’re all these candles and things. This may seem like a pretty sweet idea for the show for setting the mood, but in real life it’s a real snoozer. That’s no good.

Also, usually, people who come here to learn about libido enhancing ideas don’t come here to figure out how to get sexcited with a hot new boy toy or something. They’re usually people in a loving relationship who need to figure out ways to spark up the mood and get things going.

So when it comes down to it, the preliminary ‘fun’ type of stuff needs to get the heart and nerves going. Candles are a snoozer. Meeting new people out for drinks is a good one. A crazy action movie will be a good time. This is partly why comedy clubs do so well too. Everyone one of these activities is STIMULATING. Not in a sexual way, but it’s all inter-connected. So when it comes to later in the evening, sex will work better for both of you to connect in a more intimate way.

4) Be aware of your alcohol drinking

For most people, a little bit of alcohol can really help you get into the mood, but too much might actually hurt your response and enjoyment. So be careful not too have too much to drink on your night out.

5) Now you can bring out the candles!

Once you’re back in your place for the night and ready for the bedroom, try bringing out the good mood with some nice smells. I recommend something lavender smelling. There are actually scientific studies that prove that lavender scents do pretty important things such as increase your relaxation and decrease mental stress. Since smells are often tied so closely to memory, then this might not be the smell that works best for you. So you may want to experiment with others.

I hope this post will help you plan for the perfect evening that you’ve been waiting for you. If you do the right things to prepare for it, then the perfect evening will be yours for the taking. Enjoy and I hope to hear your success stories!


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