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Female Viagra now backed by FDA

There is some exciting news on a Female Viagra that is finally backed by the FDA. (finally!) Here’s a link to tell you more about it.

A quick review of Hot Rawks.

Hello all. Jen here and back with a review of a product that was relatively new to me. This is a vitamin that is designed to work both for men and for women. This makes it pretty unique to the … Read more

Femprox is coming up fast!

There is a company named Apricus Biosciences that is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. It is a commercial company in the pharmaceutical field and it is in the later stage tests for a prescription medication called Femprox which will … Read more

Orgasm when pregnant

An orgasm when pregnant is a controversial subject. Is it healthy for the mother? Will it harm the baby? Does the baby ‘know’ that it’s happening and will this harm them in anyway? These are valid concerns when it comes … Read more

5 ways to a better evening

The experts have been consulted and I am pleased to tell you that sex can happen and will improve if you happen to include this small and simple advice of 5 top ways for better sex. Sometimes libido isn’t all … Read more

Pueraria Mirifica, bigger boobs, better sex!

What is Puraria Mirifica and does it work? Maybe bigger boobs would lead to better sex? I’ve been writing this blog for a while on ways to get better sex drive. But I was recently turned on to an herb … Read more

Bring desire back. Enhance your libido.

My name is Jennifer and I have been researching for women’s libido enhancers for some time.  I have wanted to be more responsive to my husband. I just wasn’t in the mood and he kept thinking something was wrong with … Read more