Different types of flirting

There have been studies done by the University of Kansas that says that different types of 5 styles explainedflirting says a lot about lasting love. And some types of flirting has been shown to be actually more beneficial then others as far as increasing the long term benefits that might result from engaging in the right kind of flirting. Here are the 5 types now:

Physical Flirt

These are the types that like to communicate using touch. They are a bit more direct and straight forward. They tend to develop relationships quickly but they might last. There is little confusion with the physical flirt on what is intended.

Traditional Flirt

These are the ones when the man takes charge of an outing the way it’s always been done since the 50s. It’s old fashioned and it’s a gentlemanly way of approaching flirting.

Playful Flirt

These are the types that just like to have fun. Some of these flirts are just trying to have fun for their own entertainment. But if they are enjoying themselves around you, then you can have a better chance of some real chemistry.

Polite Flirt

These flirts like rules and the slow approach. They don’t like the style of aggressiveness that others offer. You will require patience if encountered with this type of flirter.

Sincere Flirt

These are about those who feel genuine about whether they want that type of relationship. But these outcomes sometimes can be slow as well.

So which style of flirter is the winner?

Physical, Playful, and Sincere Flirt combination have the best statistical odds.

So that would seem like the traditional and polite flirter is out the window. So why would that be?

We think it’s because people are generally impatient. When you begin a relationship with a person there is some new excitement. But putting off on moving things forward, in today’s age, might give the risk of getting thrown in the ‘friend zone’ which is something a lot of guys aren’t too excited about.

Also, keep in mind that girls like guys who know what they want. And they want to know that you want them. And not just slowly come around to getting to know you. (Although there might be a delay due to lack of courage on the guy’s part, but how would she know that?)

So, step it up, guys, and make sure those girls know how you feel. Do it in a fun way, be direct, and be honest. And you’re chances of a great new relationship just got a ton better!

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