Fixing Dryness for Breast Feeding and other reasons

Well, vaginal dryness is a very common problem. Is this problem troubling your ability to feel good about yourself and with your partner? Are you hoping to just bring back the feelings that you used to have?

There are many powerful solutions but it may depend on your issue.

First off, have you seen those little Ph tests at the store? They tell you, generally speaking, what’s going on with your vagina. Are those a good idea?

These tests give you information and can have some value. However, it is important that libido solutions and vaginal drynessyou know how to read these tests. It is for this reason that we can’t suggest to take one of these without mentioning that talking to your doctor is best. If you mis-read the test and mis-treat yourself then this can lead to bigger problems.

If you have some sort of infection that is leading to the vaginal dryness then we recommend to treat the infection. This will resolve the problem on it’s own.

Some women have increased vaginal dryness due to breast feeding. This is normal and some doctors will fix this issue by giving a form of birth control that has estrogen in it. Of course, there are supplements for this type of thing like HerSolution products as well which works to help those with a lower estrogen output that is common in breast feeding or some women in there forties as well.

If you do choose to go down the lubrication route, we strongly emphasize to choose a water based lubrication and not a petroleum based one, as these can lead to infections and other problems. So don’t use them. A surprise that is recommended by some gynecologists are to use Crisco, as this is safe and really does work. (not the oil, but the white tub of it) Imagine that?

If course, educating yourself is choosing what is right for you it the most important part here. But we hope that you’ve learned a little bit more about yourself and what your options are.

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